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New Years Resolution: To use less plastic

Its 2014 and more important than ever that we set a new years resolution to use less plastic. We’ve put together our top ideas on how to reduce the amount of plastic you use in daily life.

Reusable bags – loose veg and shopping

Its old – but its simple and totally doable and such an obvious way in which we are using disposable plastic simply for convenience. Lets make it our resolution to only use reusable bags for fruit and veg and all shopping.  Can you do it?  Read about Blue’s experience here if you are needing some inspiration.

If its disposable, make it biodegradable

There are so many great food vendors out there supplying delicious food in biodegradable containers. Make it a 2014 goal to support them where ever you can. Tell the shops and places you like to order food from that you want your food served in biodegradable food packaging. And if they’re not open to the idea and you still love their specialty – take your own container with you.

Make lunch plastic free!

How about setting this challenge for 2014 for kids lunch boxes and your own lunch at work? Can you buy products in bulk and then reuse smaller containers? What are your tricks to make sure that lunch comes disposable plastic free?


Do we buy more eco friendly alternatives to the products we have grown used to using or do we learn to go without? Have you tried to convince a 4 year old that a straw is a bad idea? Do you rather buy a stainless steel straw or do you continue to engage in the public battle every time you order a drink somewhere out and about?

It seems to go against logic or reason to buy a whole lot of stuff so that you can stop using other stuff. Even if the reusable option is better. Can we actually learn to go without some of these “convenient” items?

Sanitary Products

This article alerts us to the affect of sanitary products like pads,packaging and plastic backing strips.There are some good reusable alternatives out there. Have a look at South Africa’s own mPower cup.

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