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Book Review of ‘Bending the Curve’

The science is indisputable – climate change is a reality. Our lives will change irreversibly as we begin to adapt to these changes and as government, business and individuals begin to dramatically cut emissions to avoid catastrophic climate shifts. While these changes might create uncertainty and some anxiety, they herald a tremendously exciting era of transition, where our generation gets to redesign how we do everything.

Recently off the press is a local book titled “Bending the Curve – Your guide to tackling climate change in South Africa”, which was edited by corporate sustainability consultant Robert Zipplies. Co-authored by 24 local experts, Bending the Curve arguably constitutes the most comprehensive resource available to South Africans on what different sectors of society can do to tackle this threat. The introductory chapters investigate the broader environmental issues, before homing in on the key climate science and social and economic impacts for South Africa. Then the book launches into numerous practical chapters on what different sectors of society can do. There are chapters devoted to you at home, parents, business, government, architects and urban planners, sustainable food choices, and many more.

This book is particularly relevant for the business sector. We will witness profound changes over the coming years as our global economy begins to decarbonise. Businesses that adapt to the changing market dynamics are likely to prosper; many will fade away. This is economic Darwinism at play.

What other people have said about Bending the Curve:
• David King: ‘What is needed now is a new generation of visionary leaders with the courage to implement the changes required. This book is an excellent and timely contribution to advocating action at all levels of society, starting with the individual.’
• Clem Sunter: ‘Curbing carbon emissions is on a par with stopping nuclear proliferation. This book is crucial.’
• Kader Asmal: ‘Read this book and join the growing number of South Africans who are doing something about climate change at home and at work.’

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