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Environmentally Friendly Burger Packaging for Craft Burgers

Craft Burgers is a gourmet burger stand operating at markets and outdoor events. They use GreenHome’s burger takeaway box made from plants.

Our environmentally friendly burger packaging is made from bagasse, a by product from the sugar cane industry. Burger boxes made from bagasse are leak proof, oil and water resistant. They are suitable for hot and cold food. Because they are made from 100% renewable plant based raw materials, they are compostable. In fact bagasse will compost in your home compost heap!

We appreciate it when customers spread the word about GreenHome. Craft Burgers qualifies for a GreenHome marketing discount because they use stickers on our products and distribute flyers at the stall. If you would like to apply for the marketing discount, please contact your sales rep to request more details on how to qualify.

Get these delicious looking burgers at the Hazel Market in Pretoria.