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Cafe Flava

Cafe Flava serves freshly prepared food in biodegradable packaging at their store or via their catering company.  Starting out as a Cafe, their fresh and funky food matched with an online ordering systems and snap cash payment lends itself perfectly to hospitality. They now provide delicious fresh food to school canteens, corporate canteens, office parks, private functions and retail.

They have an exciting approach towards environmental awareness and responsibility to match their forward-thinking use of technology. Not only do they use 100% biodegradable food packaging, they also run education programmes around recycling and composting at the schools they service.  All wet waste is treated using the Bokashi system, which ferments food waste to speed up composting and prevents rotting food from attracting rodents and other pests.

As more and more companies look for ways to become environmentally conscious, one of the simpler ways to do so is to introduce compostable packaging for food served in canteens. Compostable packaging is made from sustainable plant-based resources and can be composted along with the food that remains inside, thus eliminating the hassle of cleaning recyclable plastic which contained food prior to recycling it.

Setups, like Cafe Flava, which offer compostable food packaging on principle and are able to educate their customers about how to manage compostable waste are perfectly placed to take advantage of the trend for companies moving towards more environmentally conscious ways of operating.

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