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Charity in Cape Town – Yiza Ekhaya Donations Needed

Mama Mickey in the kitchen

With Mandela day around the corner and the cold weather creeping in, we’re running a donations drive to help Mama Mickey keep all the children warm and fed at the Yiza Ekhaya Soup Kitchen in Khayelitsha.

Yiza Ekhaya provides food, shelter and a safe space to 250 children in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the country. It is run by Mickey Linda (aka Mama Mickey), who initially used her own pension to feed local children in the Kuyasa area.

GREEN HOME has been instrumental in providing financial, practical and networking support, helping Yiza Ekhaya grow into a beacon of hope and positive change in the community.

We have also just launched a brand new website for Yiza Ekhaya that tells the story of this amazing initiative and also provides a platform where the public can make much needed donations.

How to Donate

We will have donations boxes up in our Cape Town and Johannesburg offices where you can drop off:

  • Clothes,
  • Non-perishable food,
  • Toiletries, and
  • Toys

You can also make financial contributions through the Yiza Ekhaya website.

A line of kids at Yiza Ekhaya

All donations will be dropped off at Yiza Ekhaya on Mandela day, the 18th of July, and financial donations will be put towards school clothes for the kids.

All contributions are welcome, and your support is greatly appreciated.

Four boys in school uniform enjoying a meal

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