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Constantia Waldorf goes green

A girl watering plants outside, with a boy smiling behind her

Earlier this year, Constantia Waldorf School launched its ‘Go Green’ initiative with the Acoustic Earth concert. Since then, parents, teachers and learners have been hard at work and getting their hands dirty….literally! Their aim is to register Constantia Waldorf as an eco-school and to create a school which is environmentally-sustainable and actively involved in the protection and care of the earth. In addition to their recycling center which has been operating for a number of years, Constantia Waldorf has also begun producing its own compost from all the organic waste generated by the school and they hope to establish a worm farm in the near future.

Well done to Constantia Waldorf for setting a great example of how, as a community, we can take responsibility for our own waste management!

A planting bed with young trees growing in it
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