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Cradle-to-Cradle Design

Compostable logos

Over the last few months, I’ve been seeing the term cradle-to-cradle design popping up everywhere in environmental magazines and articles. My understanding of this is that every material or product designed should have renewable benefits in the sense that they replenish the earth. In this closed-loop cycle, non-toxic and organic materials flow in regenerative cycles that do not strip the earth of its resources or pollute it in anyway.

The concept of cradle-to-cradle is not just a revolution in terms of design, but also business and economic practices. It aims to harness the power of technology to allow for economic growth but not at the expense of damaging the environment. This made me see that biodegradable packaging as an alternative to unsustainable and toxic substances like plastic, is an excellent example of cradle-to-cradle design.


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