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Our Top Tips for #PlasticFreeJuly 2018

Plastic free july

Imagine a world with no single-use plastic:
Beaches are clean.
Rivers run freely.
Wildlife is safer.
Landfills are shrinking, and composting is growing..

At GREEN HOME, this is what we’re working towards.

If you’re looking to reduce your plastic footprint, why not join Plastic Free July this year along with millions of other people all across the globe. Together, we can turn the tide on plastic and create a more sustainable and healthy planet.

GREEN HOME Top Tips for ditching single-use plastic

  1. SKIP those annoying little plastic produce bags in supermarkets. Just weight your goods loose (or see no. 3 on this list). If there’s a price sticker, just put it on one of the items, or on your basket, or on your sweater…
  2. Join the REFUSING TREND. Be on the ready and say: “No, thank you” when people try to give you plastic bags, straws, cutlery etc. We can’t waste what we don’t use.
  3. Choose RE-USABLE products. Use cloth shopping & produce bags and water bottles, coffee cups, cutlery, lunch & leftover containers made from metal, glass, ceramics or wood.
  4. Choose BIODEGRADABLE materials. Choose bamboo toothbrushes and natural fibre clothing. And make sure that to-go coffee isn’t in a plastic lined cup with a plastic lid!
  5. Shop where people are DOING IT RIGHT. Support farmers markets where goods are unpackaged. Support bulk shops & anywhere you can take your own containers for refilling. And if you’re grabbing a take-away, either bring your own container, or make sure it comes in biodegradable packaging 


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