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Eco Film Festival gets eco with GREEN HOME

eco film festivalWe ‘re sponsoring the 2015 South African Eco Film Festival At Khula Dhamma with compostable tableware, cutlery and cups etc.

The Khula Dhamma is an off the grid retreat center. All compostables used at the event will be composted alongside any food waste. It is super exciting to be part of this event that is taking responsibility for turning its waste into a resource – giving a real life example of alternative and low impact living to all the people who attend the festival.

The 2015 South African Eco Film Festival is bringing the best local and international eco documentaries to South African audiences. Screenings will be held from the 26th in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Haga Haga and their world-class programme of beautifully shot, engaging short and feature-length films explores a wide range of environmental topics appealing to all ages.

Love Thy Nature, Project Wild Thing, Black Ice and Cowspiracy are just a few of the many which have created quite the buzz internationally.

Already generating some excitement and interest is the Eastern Cape’s hosting venue, Khula Dhamma Retreat Centre and Eco Farm in Haga Haga, for the festival’s unique experiential offering. Visitors will have the option of camping on the grounds for the weekend or over night-ing in the available accommodations, viewing the screenings outdoors beneath the stars, taking part in yoga and meditation classes, planting trees, indulging in truly healthy and delicious vegetarian and vegan food at the health-conscious food bar, exploring the land and getting a better understanding of life “off-grid” and what it means to live simply, treading lightly on this planet of ours. A real adventure awaits all who join!

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