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Environmentally Friendly Packaging for Burgers

The GBC (Great Burger Company) in Brooklyn, Pretoria are serving burgers, fries and onion rings in environmentally friendly packaging.

They are using takeaway burger boxes made from bagasse which is a by-product of sugarcane. Bagasse burger boxes are made from 100% natural resources, are non-toxic as well as heat and oil resistant. This environmentally-friendly packaging option for burgers can be added to your compost heap, where it will happily biodegrade becoming compost that you can use to feed your garden.

The Great Burger Company are also using sauce bowls, untreated greaseproof paper and brown paper bags made from recycled paper.

It’s great to see a fast food company buying into packaging made from natural, sustainable resources which are non-toxic and 100% biodegradable and compostable after use.

The good news is that as the price of oil increases, so does the price of plastic.  A growing demand for environmentally friendly packaging alternatives to plastic food packaging allows our prices to come down.

Well done GBC for leading the way!  We hope to see more fast food companies following suit.