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Fego Caffe: Leading the Change in Gaborone

two women, one is holding a board that says: "Can I really make a difference? Said 7 billion people!"

A First for Botswana

Fego Caffe Gaborone has just become Botswana’s first restaurant to implement 100% biodegradable packaging for all takeaways! We’d like to congratulate them on their launch last week and are super excited that they’ve chosen to partner with us on this journey.

Most packaging used in Botswana is non-biodegradable and very little is recycled, placing pressure on the natural world. In contrast, biodegradable materials can be broken down by micro-organisms, leaving no trace.

The management of Fego Caffe are aware of the environmental impacts of packaging, and felt compelled to participate in the solution. So they’re leading the change with a switch to healthy packaging in Gaborone.

Fego Caffe are focusing on the maxim that all change starts at an individual level and we can be the change we want to see. They hope they will inspire other food outlets and retailers to also adopt sustainable solutions.

three woman smiling at the camera holding biodegradable takeaway containers

GREEN Food On-The-Go

Fego Caffe Gaborone offers a Mediterranean style caffe vibe, with an emphasis on caffe rather than restaurant. The idea is to give people on the move access to quick, easy meals –  serving good food to families and business parties alike.

They are inspired by the support of their customers, who are showing a willingness to embrace the move toward biodegradable packaging.

We’re so excited by this bold move and look forward to the continued growth of an environmentally progressive, healthy and prosperous Africa.

Below are a few more pics from the Fego Caffe Gaborone launch last Thursday:

The table is set for the launch participants sitting at the table listening to presentations and drinking coffee

Two women holding GREEN HOME takeaway containers, smiling at the camera
Four Fego cafe staff holding GREEN HOME takeaway containers up for the camera
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