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The Eco Film Festival Event held at Khula Dhamma


GREEN HOME sponsored the Eco Film Festival with everything that they needed to serve up food during the event. Once it was used, it was all collected for composting onsite at the festival. Not only did they use some really great, earth friendly plates, knives & forks, but they also got a whole pile of compost at the end of it!

The event was held in the Eastern Cape at the Khula Dhamma retreat center. Here is the report back we received from the event:

“On the weekend of the South African Eco Film Festival, Khula Dhamma saw tents of all shapes and sizes being pitched and people eager to learn more about the environment and how we can play a part in its conservation and rehabilitation. They arrived as strangers and left as friends and Eco Warriors, inspired and motivated to start their own projects and happy to make several changes to their lifestyles in order to lead more sustainable lives and to live in greater harmony with the environment, treading lightly on this beautiful planet of ours. Several indigenous trees and superfood Moringas were planted; mud baths and clay fights were had in the dam; kids running around, climbing trees and rolling in the tall grass having the time of their lives; interesting, exciting and riveting discussions were had with everyone getting involved and dreaming of many new and creative ways to work together to create a greener future for us all to thrive in; stomachs were filled with the most delicious vegetarian and vegan food, smoothies and sweet treats; and not a single person left without at least one gift or prize from our amazing sponsors!

Judging by the amount of fun had by all, the connections that were made and the action it has inspired, Khula Dhamma cannot wait to host this incredible event once again next year. We hope to see you there and until then, be the change you want to see!

People were blown away by the fact that everything you sponsored us was compostable and that we were actually using it to make compost for our fruit trees.”

What a cool event. It sounds like the kind of thing any aspiring Greenie would want to attend.

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