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FOR THE LOVE OF EARTH: Local eco-activist cycles across 20 countries

A fully packed bicycle on the side of the road in Africa

Kayden Kleinhans, a 27 year old from Cape Town, is the founder of the local NGO Global Wheeling Foundation. He set out on his epic solo bicycle journey on the 3rd October 2010 from the UK, cycled through Europe; hopped on a ferry from Spain to Morocco; crossed the Sahara Desert and travelled through the western bulge of Africa where he attended the World Social Forum in Senegal before being denied access into Nigeria. He then returned to Cape Town and continued his journey cycling up the east coast of South Africa, through Lesotho and Swaziland and into Mozambique. All in all, in 11 months he has cycled over 15 000 km across 20 countries, and this is only phase 1 of his journey.

Kayden Kleinhans cycling in Africa

And to what end you might ask? Well, to raise awareness about climate change; promote bicycle culture and challenge conventional modes of carbon rich transport; and plant a few thousand trees along the way, of course.

That one individual can do so much for the planet is truly an inspiration.

Kayden Kleinhans resting on the bonnet an old burnt out car with his bike leaning against the side
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