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Generation Restoration


Today is World Environment Day.

And right now, Earth needs our help. We need to transition quickly towards renewable, low-carbon resources and materials, cutting emissions and pollution. And we must prevent, stop and reverse degradation of ecosystems on land and in the ocean. 

Which is why the UN is launching #GenerationRestoration and has chosen ecosystem restoration is its area of focus for World Environment Day 2021. While these themes typically run for a year, today kicks off a full decade focussed on ecosystem restoration. The goal is to protect and revive precious ecosystems all over the world.

You can download the UN’s Ecosystem Restoration Playbook: a practical guide to healing the planet here.

There are simple things we can all do to help with restoration. We can avoid single-use plastic to prevent pollution, and initiate and join clean-ups. We can plant indigenous plants and trees. And we can compost, which is the simple and practical enabling of nature’s genius recycling strategy. The wonderful thing about composting is that it regenerates life at the micro level, which goes on to benefit life on all levels. Restoring this natural cycle is an important aspect of restoring health to our planet, and is central to why we do what we do at GREEN HOME.

Join us in focussing on all that nature gives us and in doing all we can to give back, today and every day. Happy World Environment Day 🙂

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