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GREEN Innovations That Help Eliminate Plastic

Take-away food containers that look biodegradable often have a not-so-silver lining. Lots of paper coffee cups, deli boxes, food trays (and much more) have plastic linings to make them water and oil resistant.

These plastic linings are non-compostable (so they can stick around for hundreds or thousands of years). Plus, they can potentially contain harsh additives. And they make the cups very difficult to recycle (and even if they are recycled the plastic lining will likely still be destined for landfill). Losing your appetite? Well, there is a better way.

GREEN Innovations Create Sustainable Solutions

At GREEN HOME, we sell products that use green materials and solutions to create plastic-free paper products that retain their biodegradability, while still delivering great functionality.

Kraft Range

Firstly, the products in our new Kraft Range are lined with a mixture of natural chalk and hardwood fibres. This finish creates a surface which is oil and water resistant, 100% compostable, and free from plastic and harsh chemicals . The kraft paper is also certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. And this range uses folding techniques that eliminate the need for harsh glues.

Hands holding a Kraft Food Tray with mezze food in it
Kraft Noodle Box with Chopsticks

Hot Cup Range

Our Hot Cup range makes use of another green innovation. All our Hot Cups have a thin lining made from PLA (polylactic acid). PLA is a type of bioplastic made from renewable plant starches (like corn) that is completely compostable. It has great functionality – it makes the cups water-tight and it can break down into harmless natural compost after use.

(By the way, the paper for our Hot Cups comes from FSC certified sustainable forests – and our sippy lids are also made from compostable PLA.)

Kraft Hot Cups with tea and coffee inside

Greaseproof Paper

Our Greaseproof Paper is made greaseproof through a special pulping process. It is free of any chemical coatings or treatments. It contains nothing but sustainably sourced biodegradable paper.

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