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The Green Smoothie Company

A green smoothie every day is a great way to get a health boost. It will help you get a good detox, increase you energy levels, lose some weight and improve your general health and well being. The Green Smoothie Company is based in Woodstock and run by Linda Nels. She is passionate about supplying people who don’t have the time and the know how with the health benefits of drinking a green smoothie daily.

The Green Smoothie Company provides an excellent alternative to a coffee and a pastry on the way to work and offers something far more beneficial to its customers than traditional to-go food.

Flavours vary according to seasonal produce, but currently you can find some delicious  options like Blueberry and Apple or Strawberry and Orange.

Place you order online and they’ll deliver your smoothies to your home or your workplace. If you need cups to drink your smoothies from, you can also purchase 5 biodegradable smoothie cups to see you through the week. The cups can be rinsed out and reused if you have the facilities. Once you have finished with them you can throw them on a well managed compost heap and they’ll turn into compost.

GreenHome supplies compostable smoothie cups in three sizes, 265ml, 350ml and 500ml. They are made from corn starch bioplastic and look like conventional plastic, only they are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

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