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GREEN TIP: 8 simple ways to use less electricity, save money and still keep warm in winter.

  • Insulate: Put insulation in your ceiling, a geyser blanket on your geyser, and make sure all external pipes are insulated.
  • Turning down the thermostat of your geyser to 55°C will significantly reduce electricity usage, while still ensuring your water is hot enough.
  • Turning off your geyser at night will also save electricity,but if you live in an area where night time temps drop below zero it is essential that all external water pipes are properly insulated otherwise they can crack.
  • Choose one room where you spend most of your time at night and heat it with a gas heater. Keep all doors closed and block all drafts from doorways etc.
  • Dress warmly. The warmer you are, the less external warmth will be required to keep you warm.
  • Clear anything blocking direct sunlight from your home, such as trees and bushes.
  • Open curtains whenever there is direct sunlight coming in, and close curtains early to trap heat in your home
  • Don’t bother heating your bedroom. A hot water bottle and an extra blanket or two will keep you warm and snug!

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