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GreenHome Partners with Espinaca Innovations

Espinaca Innovations in Khayelitsha is a Green bakery supplying super healthy and green (yes literally) baked goods. Have you tried their delicious spinach bread or muffins yet?

We met Lufefe Nomjana when he started buying our PLA bags to package his bread. We were so impressed by his mission to provide nutritious and affordable daily bread in an environmentally friendly way that we decided to provide the bags to him at cost.

This is why we think Lufefe and Espinaca Innovations are so impressive

An Entrepreneur of note
How do you promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating in the townships? Lufefe (Spinach King) took this on as his personal challenge by opening a bakery making spinach enriched bread. He started with R40, waking up early, making the the dough in a bucket and baking it in a neighbour’s oven. As the bread grew in popularity, he ran a Thundafund campaign to generate funds to purchase delivery bicycles and bread baking machinery.

Providing healthy food
People won’t always buy spinach but bread is consumed daily. Lufefe mixes spinach into his baked goods so that people will receive the health benefits of spinach every day.

Keeping it affordable
The most important thing is that he keeps his prices comparable to government bread. People can have the health benefits of eating additive free spinach bread at no extra cost.

Keeping it local
He uses spinach grown locally at a community garden thus supporting people in his community.

Encouraging healthy lifestyles
The Espinaca Innovations delivery team deliver bread locally on bicycles. Selling healthy products, promoting a healthy lifestyle and minimising the carbon footprint of the bakery.

Keeping it environmentally-friendly
From bicycle deliveries to biodegradable bags: He has stuck fast to his intention to use only PLA bags. These bags look like clear plastic bags but are made from renewable plant materials instead of petroleum- based plactis. They do not contain any toxins and their production creates significantly lower greenhouse emissions than those made from conventional plastic.

Watch a recent video clip featuring Espinaca Innovations on CNN.

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