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How to Tell if Your Hot Cup Lid is Compostable

Identifying compostable Hot Cup Lids is super easy. Just look for the embossed words which say ‘Compostable Lid’ in the middle of the lid above the sippy hole. The lid will also have the letters ‘PLA’ below the triangular material code.

Photo of a Hot Cup Lid with an arrow to where it is embossed with the words 'Compostable Lid'

That’s all you need to check to be sure your lid is made from low-carbon polylactic acid (PLA). PLA is made from renewable corn starch and has been designed so that it can biodegrade in a compost pile. PLA also produces significantly less carbon during the manufacturing process than plastic. So, it’s more environmentally friendly before and after use.

If your lid isn’t embossed with the words ‘Compostable Lid’ and ‘PLA’ then it’s just made from non-biodegradable plastic and won’t break down.

At GREEN HOME, we only sell compostable products. So, you can rest assured that all our Hot Cup lids are ALWAYS fully compostable. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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