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I Take my Hat Off to The GREEN Team

This blog post was written by GREEN HOME’s founder and MD – Catherine Morris.

Over the past few months Lockdown has been tough for many businesses, and people’s personal lives, and GREEN HOME is no exception. But, as we enter Level 1, I feel compelled to reflect on an incredible phenomenon within GREEN HOME.

Some of the GREEN team members working from home in Gauteng and Cape Town

When things got tough, instead of falling apart, the team leaned in. With the extra stress of everything surrounding Covid and Lockdown, instead of taking it out on each other or only fending for ourselves, we helped each other out, picked up dropped balls and focused on what needed to be done. 

My heart glows when I think of the amazing attitude and effort that the teams in the Cape Town and Gauteng offices have taken on. We’re not just resilient and adaptable, we’re beautiful human beings who’ve maintained integrity through a tough period. 

GREEN HOME is lucky to have an incredible team. And it’s not just me who thinks this. The 5 Star reviews that we keep getting on Google, and the positive reviews clients leave is testament to how they feel after they’ve come in or spoken with us remotely. 

Thank you everyone, but in particular thank you to each and every GREEN HOME staff member. You’re an amazing bunch. 

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