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Ice Cream Community Available in Compostable Ice Cream Containers

Does ice cream taste better when it’s served in compostable ice cream containers with wooden spoons or is it the amazing talented team at Ice Cream Community?

Some samples were delivered to our Cape Town branch and we decided it may be a bit of both… This delicious artisan ice cream is made from locally sourced, natural ingredients. The team at Ice Cream Community make their own cones and serve biscuit ice cream sandwiches.  In addition to the more traditional flavours, they also offer some very creative options using seasonal ingredients like beetroot, honey & pistachio, guava & sesame seeds, almond butter & honey. Yes please!

The ice cream containers are clear cold cups with lids.  They are PLA plastic which is made from 100% natural and renewable raw materials, in this case corn starch. We also offer a bagasse range which are similar to the paper ice cream containers in our shop. The wooden spoons are made from wood sourced from FSC certified sustainable plantations.

And best of all, once the ice cream container and spoon are no longer needed, they can be added to a compost heap, where they’ll biodegrade into healthy compost. These ice cream containers and spoons are only made to last as long as you need them.

Visit the Ice cream Community Facebook page and website for up to date information on where to find them, or more importantly, where to find their ice cream.

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