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Introducing our Extended Range

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March is our birthday month, and this year marks 14 great years of bringing biodegradable packaging to the SA market and beyond. Hooray!

It’s been an exciting, challenging and rewarding journey so far.

And now, like a typical teenager, we’re having a new growth spurt. Our latest expansion is in the form of our Extended Range, which we’re excited to introduce.

In our Extended Range you can find some new and different products that aren’t in our Standard Range, as well as a wider selection of some of the products that are.

So if you can’t find quite what you’re looking for in our Standard Range, check out our Extended Range for some more options.

Extended range products include Sugarcane Hot Cup Lids, Corrugated Boxes, a Watercooler Cup, PLA Bottles and a wider selection of Brown Bags and Kraft containers. Plus more…

All our Extended Range products are available as custom products. To see what’s available at any time, navigate to Custom Products under the Shop tab on our website. All custom products have a higher minimum order quantity and lead time than Standard Range items. If any of our Extended Range products become popular enough, we’ll add them to our Standard Range.

And our Extended Range is, of course, completely plant based and compostable.

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