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New Paper Cutlery Packs

new paper cutlery packs. 1

We’re excited to introduce our new Paper Cutlery Packs! For anyone looking for a great, sustainable Cutlery Pack. They’re available in a choice of Wooden or CPLA Cutlery. The packs include a Knife and Fork set, and can include Serviettes and Spoons too, as needed.

The humble brown paper bag has stood the test of time. This unassuming essential has been helping humans to package all sorts of things since the 1850s. (And it has a surprising history that includes a pioneering female inventor and a patent stealing scoundrel.)

We think natural Kraft bags are a a great eco choice for Cutlery Packs. After use, the paper bags can be widely recycled and they’re super easy to compost too, either at home or in a larger facility. If you have a worm farm – your worms will love them! Indeed, these bags are a great source of carbon for any composting setup.

Also remember that our Cutlery Packs are customisable – chat to us if you need something specific.

You can shop our Paper Cutlery Packs in our Cutlery category here.

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