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Packaging Winter Food


Its Winter. Time to prepare and eat lots of yummy stews, soups and lovely filling, warming dishes. How do you present this kind of food and how do you package it?

Here are some of our favourite winter food packaging ideas for inspiration on how best to use GREEN HOME packaging to present your winter menu.

Soup, delicious, warming, nourishing and healthy soup. Minestrone, beetroot, carrot & coriander, pea and ham, any-colour-in-the-rainbow kind of soup. We have deep noodle bowls and lids for people wanting to take theirs home or back to the office as well as more traditional soup bowls for a sit down option. Serve it up in cup to be sipped right there and then.

Pies There is nothing like a good pie on a cold day. Try using wild herbs, local free range meats and all sorts of interesting veggies, broccoli, butternut and wild mushrooms (even better if they’re foraged). Our bagasse containers make great disposable pie dishes and are ovenable up to 100°.

Currys & Pilafs. Wholesome beany, ricey, veggie pilafs etc. Have you tried our bamboo boats? They are a perfect option for food that doesn’t have too much sauce.

Bunny Chow in a brown paper bag. In fact brown paper bags can house pitas, burgers, wraps, bunny chow, pizza and many other tasty treats. Choose paper from FSC certified plantations and you have very simple, environmentally friendly, printable and compostable packaging.

Burgers make great winter food. For those wanting to cut down on meat, there are many amazing vegetarian burger recipes too. Serve them straight on a bagasse plate (much studier than paper) or use our burger containers which are made from sugar cane instead of petroleum oil and are compostable.

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