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Plastic’s News: The Great Recycling Swindle; The Truth about Plastic and more…

  • Plastic and the Great Recycling Swindle is an excellent article written by Lisa Kaas Boyle of the Huffington Post that discusses the problems with plastics and how the plastics industry lobby uses tactics of aggression and distraction in an attempt to hide these problems. She dispels some of the “myths perpetuated by the plastics industry to defend their products and refute responsibility.” Please do read this article, it’s a good one!
  • The Truth about Plastic is a detailed and interesting infographic that takes a look at the impact of plastic on both the environment and human health, as well as providing tips on how to reduce plastic consumption.
  • BPA Leaching in Reusable Water Bottles: A recent study checked BPA leaching in reusable water bottles made from various materials. BPA leached into both polycarbonate bottles and aluminium bottles lined with epoxy resin.
  • Plastic Bags in South Africa: The shocking truth is that the vast majority of the 8 billion plastics bags used in South Africa per year ends up in landfill, despite the collection of over R350 million in plastic bag levies.
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