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Compostable food packaging at Rocking the Daisies

rocking the daisies food wasterocking the daisies compost
rocking the daisies food waste

happy plants
Once again Rocking The Daisies Music Festival came to the party and used compostable food packaging. All food was served in  biodegradable food packaging which was then collected, sorted and composted.

This is what GreenHome calls a full green event. We are so thrilled when it happens that we reward event organisers with great discounts on our bagasse products.  Contact us to find out more about qualifying for a GreenHome event discount.

The great thing about using compostable packaging at a big event like this is that the packaging and the food can be thrown away together. The packaging does not need to be cleaned before it can be sent off for recycling and in fact it doesn’t need to be sent anywhere, it can be¬†composted onsite.

Once the packaging is used and discarded, it is first mixed with straw. This ensures the correct wet dry balance until it is eventually transformed into steaming, compost rich in nutrients and ready to feed to some happy plants!

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