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The fight against Shell and its plans to ‘frack’ for gas in the Karoo is far from over. Earthlife Africa have called for a national boycott of all Shell service stations and products.

Tens of thousands of square kilometres of the ecologically fragile, water-scarce Karoo are under threat from being devastated by a dirty, water- and energy intensive gas exploration technique called hydraulic fracturing or fracking. If they are successful, we can soon expect to see thousands of gas drilling rigs dotting the pristine Karoo landscape with potentially devastating social, economic and environmental impacts on our people and their livelihoods

Read the full press release from Earthlife Africa.

Watch this short clip, I will Die for Water. Oom Johannes and Antoinette Pienaar are the “Shamans” of the Karoo and believe that the healing spirit of the Karoo will be damaged by mining.

Not sure what exactly fracking is? Watch the short explainer video My water’s on fire tonight (The Fracking Song).

If you haven’t already, do try and get hold of a copy of the award winning and shocking documentary about fracking, GasLand. Watch the trailer here .

Check out the Karoo Anti Hydraulic Fracturing Action Network website for the latest ‘fracking’ news and info.

The Time To Take Action is Now!

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