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Summer Special on clear PLA bowls & lids

Now is a great time to get your clear takeaway bowls and lids for the summer season.

GREEN HOME has just launched a Summer Special on all our PLA Bowls and Lids!

Summer special pla bowls and lids 1

These eco-friendly clear bowls and lids are made from low-carbon PLA, which is made from renewable plant starch.

There are several benefits to choosing clear PLA takeaway containers:

  • PLA has a lower carbon footprint than plastic
  • PLA is made from plants, while plastic is made from fossil fuels. Growing plants has less negative environmental impacts and risks than the mining, drilling and fracking required to extract fossil fuels.
  • The plants used to make PLA are renewable, so when PLA products break down they don’t add additional carbon to the atmosphere.
  • PLA can be composted after use. Landfill is not a solution for our waste and is exacerbated by using non-biodegradable materials. Shifting instead to organic, compostable products allows us to move towards a truly waste free system that aligns with nature’s cycles of growth and decay.
  • PLA is non-toxic. Our PLA products are certified compostable, which ensures that they meet strict international standards and will break down into harmless natural compounds that are healthy for soils and plants.

Did you know?
PLA stands for polylactic acid. Lactic acid is found abundantly in nature, including in our bodies. That is why PLA is used for some temporary medical implants, because it breaks down into harmless lactic acid.

Clear toppings bowl with lid

This Summer Special also includes our nifty Toppings Lid and 60ml Taster Bowl. Pair these and place them in our Cold Cups to serve crunchy topping, berries or sprinkles that can be added just before eating. Everyone loves a fresh flavour boost!

Please note that all our lightweight clear PLA Bowls and Lids are heat sensitive above 40°C. This makes them suitable for cold foods only.

This Summer Special will run until 22 December 2022, while stocks last.

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