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1200ml Three Compartment Sugarcane Takeaway Box Square

R250.17R1,250.88 incl. VAT

245mm (l) x 240mm (w) x 81mm (h)

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This biodegradable takeaway box is made from bagasse, a recycled plant-based raw material, and is a completely natural and renewable resource.  It is compostable in a home or commercial composting facility and will biodegrade within as little as 1 month.

What to expect from the three compartment takeaway box:

  • It has a natural cream colour
  • And a paper like texture
  • It is heat, water and oil resistant
  • Perfect for hot, cold, wet or dry food
  • Microwave safe and freezer friendly
  • Breathable: natural raw materials means the food doesn’t sweat, so it remains crisp & fresh for longer

Use it for takeaway meals with multiple sides & sauces, perfect for curries or dishes served with chips & a salad.

Additional information

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Pack – 50 Units, Carton – 250 Units


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