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Taking Part on World Environment Day 2018

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What is World Environment Day?

It’s the UN’s big day for encouraging awareness and action to protect the environment.

It all started 44 years ago, back in 1974, as a way of encouraging people to take action to care for the Earth. The action itself can be big or small, solo or in a group – it’s all up to you!

Each year has a theme, and this year’s is very close to our hearts: Beating Plastic Pollution. So people all over the world are taking part in a worldwide movement to clean up the planet.

GREENing our World

If you don’t already have something lined up, we’ve got a few ideas of ways to Beat Plastic Pollution:

First, tackle the problem at source:

Second, help to clean it up:

  • Join a beach, park or mountain clean-up. And any other time you’re out in nature and see plastic lying around – pick it up too!
  • Why not give plogging a go?
  • Make something useful, functional or beautiful out of waste

Finally, because it’s World Environment Day, we’re taking action to help you keep things GREEN. If you buy online from us on 5 June during World Environment Day, just enter the promo code GREENDAY at the checkout to receive 2.5% off!

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