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GreenHome Products in Ultimate Braai Master 3

The upcoming season of the Ultimate Braai Master 3¬†features GreenHome’s biodegradable plates and bioplastic cutlery. It is due to be screened on SABC2 in September 2013.

The outdoor braai season is a huge part of South African culture. Because it so often happens outdoors somewhere, disposable plates and plastic knives and forks make an obvious choice. The only catch is they leave behind waste that lasts for ever and ends up polluting our environment.

Our biodegradable plates are made from Bagasse. This is the substance left behind once sugar has been extracted from sugar cane. It is a sustainable resource and is biodegradable and compostable.

Our cutlery is made from bioplastic. Bioplastic is made from sustainable plant starch and is also 100% biodegradable and compostable.

We’re really thrilled a popular South African cooking show like the Ultimate Braai Master identifying with biodegradable food packaging and tableware. We hope that it will influence the millions of braai lovin folk out there to think about using biodegradable cutlery and plates if they are going to use something disposable at all.