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What is Eco Friendly Packaging?

A bagasse bowl at three stages of biodegradation

Eco Friendly packaging considers the full life cycle of packaging.

Along with the functionality of the packaging, it takes into account what happens before and after use.

First up, it’s important to know where the raw materials come from. Is the source sustainably managed? Does it contain harmful ingredients? Is it renewable, or fossil fuel-based? Did it involve drilling, fracking or harmful extraction?

Also, what happens at the end of life of the product? Is it biodegradable? Can nature assimilate it? Or, will it create waste and pollution and possibly harm wildlife? If it’s a compostable bioplastic, has it been certified compostable?

There are further important questions. Like, does the product contain harmful bleaching agents? Or, does it have other chemical treatments?

By thinking about what happens before, during and after we use packaging, we can prevent many harmful consequences. Packaging is used within a wider context, and is part of wider ecosystems. Eco friendly packaging seeks to consider, create and maintain the health of those systems.

Images of plants that are used to make plant-based products, bamboo, wood and corn

Made From Plants

At GREEN HOME, all our packaging is made from plants. We believe in using natural, renewable and non-toxic raw materials.

We also love products made from recycled materials. For example, the sugarcane for our Takeaway Containers, Plates, Serviettes and some of our Bowls is a by-product of sugar production. Shweet! And we source wood and paper products from sustainably managed plantations.

Sustainable, plant-based solutions are an effective, healthy choice that’s naturally good. For example, our Greaseproof Paper becomes greaseproof during the unique pulping process – no additives needed! And, our untreated Wooden Cutlery is naturally non-toxic. Perfect!

And what about after use? We think packaging should last as long as it’s needed, not longer. All GREEN HOME products are compostable. And, our plant-based bioplastic products – like our Cold Cups – are certified according to international standards. We’re also working to end the practice of sending organic waste to landfill in South Africa, and are a founder member of ORASA.

A better system is possible. We call this approach to packaging ‘Big Picture Packaging’. If we zoom out and consider a wider perspective, we do less harm.

And, we get great, healthy products too!

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