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Why Green Waste Isn’t Really Waste

Green Waste

All GREEN HOME products have a nature-friendly end-of-life strategy. We didn’t create this strategy ourselves – far from it. It’s the same strategy nature has been using to recycle, regenerate and replenish life for many millions of years.

Besides being classified as green waste, banana peels, carrot tops, food scraps, garden clippings and compostable food packaging all have something else in common. They contain the building blocks of new life.

In nature, healthy soil is full of microbes (like bacteria and fungi) as well as detritus feeders (like earthworms and woodlice). These break down any dead organic matter (aka green waste), leaving the nutrients in the soil available for plants.

If you’re composting at home or at your business you’re a modern early adopter of nature’s time-tested strategy. Composting methods maximise nature’s best practice. Which is why we think composting is the best possible destination for all green waste. Studies also show that composting has a lower carbon footprint and is much more environmentally friendly than landfill. eal

Should we even call it “Waste”?

Should we be calling green waste ‘waste’? Perhaps when we send it to landfill, because that definitely is a waste! In a landfill all those nutrients won’t get to nourish the next generation of plants. And then we really are wasting something very valuable to our planet.

small plants

As primary producers, plants sit at the base of the food web and are fundamental to all life. Yes, even salad-avoiders depend on plants! And in order to thrive plants need healthy soil. So cycling nutrients back into the soil is one of the most important things we can do. Green waste is actually far from waste – it’s one of our most  important resources. 

Natural systems have no waste. Just recycled goodness. At GREEN HOME we make sure that all our products are designed with this system in mind. They’re plant based, non-toxic and compostable. That way they can be helpful after, as well as during life.

Looking for South African composting solutions? Our compost solution providers page is an up to date list of people offering equipment, training and composting services.

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