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Wynberg Boys’ Social & Environmental Entrepreneurship Day

1GREEN HOME was invited to participate in a Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship Day (SEED) held at Wynberg Boys’ High School. The aim of the day was to expose the boys to less “mainstream jobs” and to the idea of finding work in fields where they can have a positive impact on the environment.

Our MD, Catherine Morris, presented alongside alongside fifteen other entrepreneurs. She shared what being an environmental and social entrepreneur is all about and aimed to inspire the boys to consider sustainability as an important part of their future. The school was split up and each person took 3 classes of 40 minutes each. Shew!

The boys were amazing – polite, and receptive, and asked great questions. It’s inspiring to see young people being so aware of environmental issues, and to get the feeling that they are empowered to make a difference.

From Catherine: “What I also got out of the day was recognition as a social and environmental entrepreneur, and it felt really empowering to be celebrated for it. It re-kindled the fiery passion to keep innovating and keep doing what I love.” 


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