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Branded Gift Bags for 15 on Orange

African Pride 15 on Orange Hotel in Cape Town serves takeaways in our compostable packaging.  They use our gift bags made from recycled paper. To show their commitment to the environment, they printed the African Pride and GreenHome logos on the gift bags in vegetable based inks.

GreenHome offers a variety of environmentally friendly bags. We offer different brown bags made from recycled paper.  Choose these bags if you are looking to print your brand or a design on your gift bag.
We no longer offer Newspaper gift bags made from upcycled Newspapers and Magazines. This is part of a non-profit job creation project run by GreenHome providing skills to the previously unemployed. The bags are beautiful if you want something with more texture than a brown paper bag.
Contact GreenHome to find out how you can get your gift bags branded with your logo or if you are interested in co-branding with us.