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Crawford & Abbots Schools use Biodegradable Tableware

It is exciting to see schools using biodegradable tableware at their functions.  One more event where the rubbish created will biodegrade and we are able to show school children that there are environmentally friendly packaging alternatives available.

Crawford and Abbot schools served up dishes of food from around the world on biodegradable and compostable plates at their yearly function where staff  from the two schools get together for continued education training.

We are hoping to see more schools and tertiary institutions show their concern for the environment by using biodegradable packaging in their canteens and biodegradable tableware at their functions (that is where they intend to use disposable tableware).

Best case scenario they will compost the food packaging they use along with their other food waste.  What a great skills and knowledge for children to take out into the world.

Well done to Crawford and Abbots for joining the biodegradable revolution.  What school would you like to see using biodegradable tableware or packaging at their events or school functions?