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GreenHome doing Yoga

On Friday the 18th July 2014, Mandela Day, GreenHome Cape Town office shut up early and went to go do 67 minutes of Yoga with Air Yoga.

It was a first for many of us. We were all given a pose to demonstrate

Greenhome yoga team build

“Yoga wasn’t 100% what I expected. Most of the poses were uncomfortable which was unexpected. haha. I left with two quotes or sayings. One – to choose love over hate. Two – breathing is so important. We get so busy with life and its challenges. That we forget to thank the creator for giving us the gift of breathing. You will only learn how important it is once it’s taken away.” Rachmah

“It was the first time I have ever done yoga and I enjoyed it to the fullest.  It inspired me to do it on a more regular basis and to spend more time with the team.” Candice

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