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Yiza Ekhaya Project receiving exposure and support

Its time for an update on the ladies at the Yiza Ekhaya project. Winter has been a busy time for them, feeding 160 children and adults on medication and offering them a safe place to be when their parents are at work.

At the beginning of the month, one of Mikey’s funders pulled out, leaving her with a smaller budget to work with. But in spite of this setback, she continued her commitment to the children without knowing how she was going to continue.

Catherine Morris (GreenHome’s founder and MD) took Bobby Jordan, a journalist from the Sunday Times, to the soup kitchen. He wrote an article about Mikey and her situation in the Sunday Times.

Over the weeks following the article, Both Mikey and Catherine received an amazing influx of generous donations from businesses and members of the public. Here are few. There were more private donations and some donations are still in the pipeline:

Rice Tic donated 50kgs of soup mix.

Linda from Symbols on Silk donated a food parcel and joined us to drop it off. Read her experience of meeting Mikey from Yiza Ekhaya.

Simple Books donated seedlings and seeds and came and worked in the garden with us.

Carol from Carols Plans made a financial donation, has arranged to buy Mikey a replacement fridge as hers had broken.

Afrika Burn is going to help Mikey to rebuild the structure she uses behind her house as it was previously on a neighbour’s property. This will allow her to take into account health and safety requirements.

She was visited by the Western Cape Government, who will be able to supply her with funding in the future.

A huge and warm thanks to everyone who donated goods or has helped in some way. When she saw everything that we brought to her on Saturday, Mikey said “You know Cat, I prayed to God every night for food for this Soup Kitchen. But this… I was not expecting this! ”

She said she’ll be cooking the whole week with fresh food.

The children have started regular drumming lessons with Ala. In 6 months time, they are going to do a show.

Anyone wanting to get involved or wanting to support Mikey in her work, please contact us.or Mikey directly on ph 072 010 4337.

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