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GreenHome Sponsors Book Dash

The inaugural Book Dash was held at the Cape Town Library on 28 June 2014. The purpose of this project is to create open licensed children’s books, to allow them to be affordably and easily distributed.

Books are an expensive luxury to an individual earning minimum wage and not enough South African children have access to books.  Story books offer so much value to children; the opportunity to expand their reality, learn about new things.

Top Cape Town writers, illustrators and designers volunteered to team up to create beautiful children’s books that can be freely printed and distributed. These books are available to anyone provided the creators are credited. The only cost is printing.

The aim of Book Dash is to provide each child in South Africa with 100 books and support to improve literacy.  There will be a positive impact if primary school children can have access to and own books.

Here are links to some of the books that were produced on the day.

These three books were printed and distributed to 250 children at the Jireh Community Project in Mitchells Plain on Mandela Day.

It was a 12 hour day for the volunteers were kept well-fueled with plenty of snacks and coffee. GreenHome sponsored the Book Dash with Bagasse plates and cups. These cups and plates are made from a by-product of sugarcane and can be fully composted. The used plates and cups were returned to GreenHome for composting.

Here is a video with more information about Book Dash.

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