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We’re on a New-products Roll

Spring is right around the corner and the birds, bees and flowers are getting busy. Whoohooo! And at GREEN HOME, we’re taking our cue from Mama Nature and sending out some new shoots of our own.

Yup, we’re rolling out some brand new plant-based and compostable products.

The world needs a lot more biodegradable food packaging, and a lot less plastic. Scientists have found that takeaway food packaging makes up a large chunk of ocean plastic pollution and advise that the only way to really end this crisis is to stop producing and using these products.

This shows that switching to compostable and plastic-free packaging can make a bit impact, which is why we’re always pleased to grow our range and offer new biodegradable solutions.

paper cutlery packs

We recently introduced our new Paper Cutlery Packs. They’re available with a choice of Wooden or CPLA Cutlery, with an eco Serviette if needed. If you can’t find what you need in our Standard Range in our online shop, check out our Extended Range for further options.

Our Cutlery Packs are also customisable – so please do chat to us if you need something specific that isn’t in either our Standard or Extended Range.

kraft wrap box 1

Aaaand… now we’re launching our new Kraft Wrap Box – with a low-carbon easy view window made from compostable plant starch, allowing customers to see the delicious goodness inside.

Natural unbleached Kraft is always a winner, it looks naturally stylish and is easy to recycle or compost.

small paper bag

We also have a new Small Kraft Flat Bag which is great for all sorts of smaller items, like short bread sticks, pastries, biscuits etc.

kraft wrap box copy

This is our new Small Sugarcane Single Ply Serviette. Like our other Serviettes, it’s made from 60% recycled sugarcane fibre and FSC certified wood fibre. This great eco serviette is also chlorine free.

And it comes in a great bulk size of 3000 units.

And our rollout of new biodegradable products doesn’t stop there. We’ve got something extra cool and unique coming your way in early Spring. Watch this space!

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