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Ever eaten off a leaf?

Leaves are likely a plate as old as time. Widely available in a range of shapes and sizes and there’s never any need to wash up after use.

India, in particular has a well documented history of eating off banana (and other) leaves and the practice remains today. The leaves reportedly add good flavour and studies show they impart health benefits too.

We would LOVE to kickstart a banana leaf craze here in SA, but that’s not where we’re going with this, just yet.

We have, however, just introduced a new range of Palm Leaf plates, bowls and containers to our Extended Range.

These sturdy products are made from fallen leaves that are cleaned and pressed into shape using heat and steam.

They’re almost as strong a wood, and each item is unique, just like each leaf is unique.

These beautiful and compostable products are great for adding a natural touch to events, functions, parties and picnics. Or anywhere food is served, really.

You can see price estimates and MOQs on our Extended Range page here.

new pressed leaf products in our extended range
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