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Just in. Meet our new sugarcane hot cup lids.

If you’re familiar with the GREEN HOME story, you’ll know that we LOVE sugarcane fibre. Often called bagasse, this brilliant raw material is a by-product of sugar production. The cream-coloured fibre is what remains after sugarcane has been pressed for its sweet juice.

GREEN HOME’s founder, Catherine Morris, introduced bagasse takeaway containers to the South African market waaaay back in 2007, beginning the GREEN HOME journey.

And now, our bagasse love affair continues with these Sugarcane Hot Cup Lids, a brand new addition to our Standard Range.

Sugarcane Hot Cup Lids new

These sustainable sip Lids are easily compostable at home or in larger facilities. And although we never want any to end up in the ocean, it is reassuring to know they can break down in water too if they end up where they’re not supposed to be.

They’re available in two sizes to fit our 250ml, and 300/350/500ml Hot Cups.

Happy sipping!

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