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GREEN HOME Sponsors the Gogolympics

The Sixth Annual Gogolympics was hosted by the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust on Friday 22 April 2016.

We were thrilled to be able to support them by sponsoring bagasse bowls for breakfast time. The grandmothers started the day with a bowl of porridge.

Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust has 51 Gogo Support Groups operating across ten different communities, of which roughly 2 000 grandmothers are members. The granny groups meet regularly to support each other in their plight as grandmothers affected by HIV/AIDS and other issues affecting the community. The groups engage in stress-alleviation and skills-development activities including literacy, first aid, sewing, veggie gardening and bereavement counselling training.

In recent years the grandmothers have started playing soccer and other sports, as a means to keep fit and healthy whilst promoting healthy living to their grandchildren and the broader community. The Gogolympics provides an opportunity for these grandmothers meet those in similar situations, have fun, socialise, be active and take a break from the important role they play in the family.

Watch this video from Espresso.

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