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GREEN HOME Sponsors Walking the Daisies


GREEN HOME sponsored Walking the Daisies 2016 with biodegradable food packaging, helping them reach their goal of a zero waste event. Every year, a group of people walk to Rocking the Daisies, a 65 km journey from Cape Town to Cloof Wine Estate in Malmesbury. They then enjoy the music festival for the weekend. Over the years, Walking the Daisies has bared testimony to “Keeping it Green”.

The walk begins at Blouberg Beach with a beach clean-up. Participants continue over the hills, through the fields, via Darling and Mamre, a community in which the Rocking the Daisies organisation has organised various community building projects including planting trees and food beds. Participants have the opportunity to learn about greening and Cape Ecology en route to the festival.

The Walk is fully catered and in the interest of keeping it green, we sponsored compostable food packaging. The Walking the Daisies team follow the principles of:

  1. Reduce the amount of packaging.
  2. Use reusable products where possible.
  3. If it has to be disposable, ensure it is compostable.

The entire event was catered for using brown paper bags, greaseproof paper and serviettes. All of which can be compostable in a well-managed home compost heap within as little as 4 weeks.

The event tallied up to:

  • 2 successful days of walking
  • 1 magical night under the stars
  • 1 massive beach clean-up
  • 180+ ecobricks
  • 800+ meatless meals
  • 9 000km+ walked collectively by 150 participants
  • 3 outstanding bands
  • 1 yoga session
  • 1 morning shake-out
  • 1 stylish dance-off
  • 0 bottles of water used during the walk
  • 10 trees planted
  • 1 300+ vegetables and herbs planted
  • 2 worm-farms built
  • 1 bright and beautiful mural painted
  • 1 compost system built
  • 1 dinner experience in Mamre
  • 10 education workshops
  • 0 food waste to landfill
  • 0 waste to landfill
  • 150+ pairs of sore legs, happy faces and smiling souls
  • Endless good vibes

All compostables were collected for composting at Cloof Wine Estate on arrival.  All recyclables were separated and sent for recycling and any other waste was ecobricked.

Now that is an inspiring zero waste way to run an event! Well done to the Walking the Daisies team.

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