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GREEN HOME’s Hair Protest

smiling woman with an afro

We added our voice in support of the school girls’ protests at Pretoria Girls’ High, San Souci and other schools to be able to wear their hair naturally; without using chemicals (who wants to do that in 2016?) or being restricted to certain hairstyles.

In the words of Catherine Morris, GREEN HOME founder and Managing Director:

“As a woman owned company, I strongly believe that women and girls in SA in particular, have the right to wear their hair exactly how they choose. Whether it’s a doek, natural, or curly, we should carry ourselves with full expression of who we are and with pride. We have many challenges facing our country – and the way that you wear your hair, hair apparel, how you choose to dress or express yourself should not be one of the challenges. In fact the more we express ourselves in this country, the better. This photo shoot is in reaction to school girls being told that they can’t wear their hair naturally. This is a fun way for us at GREEN HOME, that employs mostly women, to say ‘We stand with you girls’.”

So we wore our hair big for the day – in whatever way we chose. See some pics below. We believe there is space for everyone to be who they are.

a woman with a big hairdo

a group of women with big hair

five women with big hair smiling

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