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We’re open with Skeleton staff during the Holiday Season

summer holiday

Its holiday season again! For the first time, GreenHome will have  a skeleton staff available to assist customers with emergency orders while the rest of us take a break from 20th Dec till the 6th January. Please ensure you place your orders before then, and we will have someone on to help with anything that comes up over the holiday season.

Many of our clients are busy during this time of year, providing delicious artisan, beautifully prepared food to enjoy while out and about. We understand that its not always possible to anticipate demand at this busy time of year. So our staff have stepping in to help. Rachmah will help in the Cape Town office and Phindi will help customers in Johannesburg. Thanks guys.

GreenHome is normally closed for festive season.  We do like to take a break to reconnect with ourselves and spend some time with family and loved ones.  But we’ve grown, and to close would affect too many of our customers. Another sign that eco friendly packaging is booming and more and more people are joining the Biodegradable Revolution.

And as always, that makes us so proud!

We wish all our working clients a happy and fruitful season and all our resting clients, happy and rejuvenating time off.

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