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Meet our nifty new Toppings Lid

New clear compostable PLA toppings lid

We’re excited to introduce a very cool new product, perfect for the fast approaching summer season.

Our new Toppings Lid allows you to turn our 60ml Taster Bowl into an insert bowl that sits at the top of our 265, 350 & 500ml Cold Cups inside the Lid. This allows you to serve a dish with a separate topping that’s added just before eating.

This nifty solution is perfect for crunchy toppings, fresh berries, sauces and dressings that are best added just before eating. It allows you to keep ingredients crisp and crunchy, serving up fresh, flavourful food.

It could be granola, toasted flakes or chocolate sprinkles. Or perhaps roasted seeds or a dressing. All those touches that add something special to a meal or treat. Yum!

The three parts of a toppings bowl with toppings lid

The Lid, just like the Taster Bowl and Cold Cups, is made from low-carbon and compostable PLA. It’s completely plant-based and plastic-free. It’s suitable for cold food only, as it’s heat sensitive above 40°C. After use, it can be composted in large-scale compost facilities.

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