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Need eco-friendly baking paper? This is the best.

Baking paper with a pizza on top

Just in. Meet our brand new compostable product: the Baking Paper Roll.

This excellent baking paper is made from FSC certified unbleached paper, making it safe for both you and the environment. After you’ve baked up a storm, it can be composted and will break down fully into natural compounds, returning nutrients to soils instead of creating waste.

The paper has greaseproof properties that are created during the unique pulping process it undergoes during manufacture – not through the addition of chemical additives. It is then coated with a thin layer of silicone (which is made from sand) to increase its non-stick properties and make it highly heat resistant.

Use this baking paper to bake a wide variety of baked goods including those very yummy, very sticky foods we all love. The paper is designed to be impenetrable to oils and the food will release easily after baking. It has excellent heat stability.

Below are some of the further benefits of this excellent baking paper.

This baking paper works in the freezer too.

Yup, it’s not just for baking. GREEN HOME baking paper also has great wet strength qualities and is freezer friendly.

So its non-stick properties can be used to separate layers of frozen foods, like burger patties etc.

It’s certified compostable.

This baking paper is certified compostable. This means it has gone through rigorous tests to ensure it biodegrades into natural compounds that are healthy for soils and plants.

It is certified compostable in industrial composting facilities.

Aaaand… it’s reusable.

Another big plus is that this baking paper can also be used more than once. So if it’s flat and uncrumpled, and still in good nick, you can wipe it off and reuse, and extend its useful life. This makes it even more sustainable.

Greaseproof vs. baking paper: What’s the difference?

Greaseproof and baking paper look and feel very similar, but serve different functions. If you’re not sure which paper is right for you, here’s how they differ.

Greaseproof paper is an oil resistant paper mostly used to wrap food. It’s also a suburb food lining. While greaseproof paper does have some release and oven-able properties, these are minimal.

This is where baking paper comes in. It’s all in the name: it’s for baking. If you need something for the oven that can withstand high heat, this is the paper you want. To handle the high heat, baking paper has serious non-stick and heat resistant properties so it doesn’t become an unwelcome ingredient in your meal!

And that’s the scoop on our new product. A quality eco-friendly baking paper that is free of bleaches and completely compostable.

A great, sustainable addition to any kitchen. Happy baking!

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