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Setting the Compostable Packaging Benchmark for 15 Years

This month marks 15 years (yup, a decade and a half!) since the GREEN HOME sustainable food packaging journey began.

2007 was a year of spectacular innovation. It was the year the iPhone launched. As did Twitter, AirBnB, Android and Kindle. Facebook went global. And that’s just the tip of a huge iceberg that led New York Times columnist and three time Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman to ask: “What the hell happened in 2007?”

The innovative spirit of 2007 is part of our founding DNA. A spirit of progressive reinvention and willingness to go against the grain.

In a marketplace of plastic, we believe food packaging shouldn’t last longer than it’s needed. We believe in food packaging made from sustainably sourced plants, that’s compostable after use.

SA22s first completely compostable food packaging company

The benchmark we launched in South Africa 15 years ago remains uncompromised.  Our mission is to make plant based packaging the norm in South Africa. 

Can you imagine if plants and humans weren’t compostable?! Can you imagine if single use food packaging wasn’t compostable? These things don’t make sense. Working with nature’s cycle of compostability and regeneration makes clear sense. GREEN HOME’s products are a disruptor to the old norm of unsustainable, non compostable single use plastics.  

This benchmark has set a standard and a trend. In partnerships with our clients, the success we’ve made and the change we’ve seen in South Africa has been phenomenal. 

Watch this space to see the successes of the next 15 years unfold. 

We’d like to say a massive thank you to our all clients for forging 15 great years of this sustainable journey with us!

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