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A Great Start to 2020 at Yiza Ekhaya – Thank You for Donating!

The Yiza kids holding their new school gear

We are all endlessly inspired by the vision, huge heart and immense energy of Mama Mickey. It’s fitting that she’s known as Mama Nompilo (which means health or caregiver) within her Khayelitsha community. If you want to experience the best hug of your life, join us the next time we visit her at Yiza Ekahaya Soup Kitchen.

Our mission was to help Mickey, her team of volunteers, and all the children and adults they support, to have both a happy end to 2019 and a fantastic start to 2020.

We put the word out at the end of last year, and are happy to report that we had a great response to our donations drive. A HUGE thank you to every single one of you who donated food, toiletries, clothes, stationary, money, time and more. You are all helping to uplift this community and grow the future of our country.

Some of the Yiza kids with their new school clothes

We also want to say a special thanks to Symbols on Silk, Kalyan Herbal and Platinum Seed for getting involved and donating. And we can’t forget to give a shout out to our very own boss lady, Catherine Morris, who made it possible for us to give lots of food and new school clothes for all the children. We’re now excited to see how the children grow and learn in the coming year.

Check out our pics. They include Mickey, a few of her helpers, some of the Yiza kids, some GREEN HOME staffers and, of course, some of the donated goods.

And finally, click here to see a short (6 second) video of Mama Mickey and a whole bunch of the Yiza Ekhaya kids giving everyone a wave.

Mama Mickey and some of her volunteers with big trays of cooked foodMama Mickey with GREEN HOME staff members smiling at cameraMama Mickey giving a party pack to a smiling boy in the kitchen

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